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Together with our clients, mainly in industrial and service organisations, we have developed our assessment strategy, process and tools during twenty years of close cooperation in audit and review processes. Generally, the most important goals have been set by strategic change: staffing of the organisation, starting of the successor plan and focusing of the HRD measures on right persons. Many of our references originate from a situation where a new director of the group or organisation is starting his / her work and wants to get acquainted with the resource available – as an enabler or as a restrictive factor of the strategy. Often integration challenges due to business acquisition or some other needs caused by company restructuring have motivated auditing processes. In the change situation, the focus has often been on the activation of key personnel’s self-development. In these cases, the process has sometimes been called “development need review”. The number of assessed key persons in one project has varied from 10 to 150. Our method, developed in these processes, has been tested to best suit companies that

  • are implementing strategic change or organisational change in general.
  • are seeking growth by business acquisitions and company restructuring.
  • want to invest in talent management processes.
  • want to ensure the timely encountering of potential persons and challenges.
  • want to activate key personnel’s continuous self-development.
  • have introduced the resource review practice and want to strengthen the ownership of the management in the personnel strategy.


  • integrated “quality defining” (based on combining of several data sources) in relation to the goals
  • positioning of the participants using the dimensions current contribution vs. development potential
  • staffing design of the organisation: a grid of tasks vs. persons
  • feedback: activation of self-development, sparring of superiors to the ownership of review processes