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Aptitude testing

Our objective is to provide reliable and independent information that helps our clients to make the right decisions. We aim to build long-lasting cooperation with our client organisations. This way we genuinely learn to identify the demands of a given task according to the company culture, operational situation, strategy and change objectives.

Aptitude test processes are always conducted by authorised (certified) psychologists who have considerable testing and method knowledge in their use. We also have a norm material extensive both in scope and quality, gathered during the time period 1986 – 2008. The methods we use are scientifically validated and tested in practice. We always choose appropriate methods for each task environment and level. Our research strategy is to take advantage of the information gathered from different sources (background data, tests and measurements, interaction and simulation processes) and to integrate all this data as a whole in relation to task requirements. Every assessed matter or feature is assessed by several different methods.

Our reports include a clear verbal description of each candidate and a definition of his / her strengths and development needs required by the task. In addition, we provide a numeric profile of a candidate regarding the critical elements in a given task whenever the individual's performance can be numerically compared to the parameters of the norm material in question. Besides the individual descriptions, our reports include a candidate comparison in the light of crucial dimensions of the task. We aim to make clear statements: we put candidates in the order of superiority and specify their strengths and weaknesses in the light of specifications set together with the client organisation. Every person assessed will naturally get the parts of our report that concern him or her personally.

Search processes and services

The advert search can be made as our Comprehensive service. We can then provide the client with a so-called turn-key option. We will take care of the whole search process of a key person: defining of search specs, drawing up of search and media strategies and presenting of the tested finalists to the client. Our objective is to save client's time but also to ensure that we proceed, in all phases of the process, along the lines of the client's specifications. If desired, the client can confirm who will be invited to preliminary interviews, etc.

We also provide fully action based services – we will take care of those parts of the search process that the client wishes. We can help you

  • define your recruitment needs and objectives.
  • profile a suitable person and draw up application forms.
  • assess your internal candidates.
  • with the informing of candidates in case of media-based advert searches.
  • draw up applicant analyses and summaries.
  • implement preliminary interviews.
  • with aptitude assessment and testing of the best candidates.
  • with feedback processes.